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ENTREES Combination Bento Box Special Served with Miso soup, House salad, Steamed Rice Yaki Udon & Vegetables Thick white noodles YU-1 Chicken Breast YU-2 Shrimp YU-3 Baby Scallop YU-4 Baby Lobster (Lan gostino) YU-5 Combination (Chicken Breast, Shrimp, Baby Scallop, Baby Lobster) Yaki Soba Stir fry noodles with seasoning sauce base YS-1 Chicken Breast YS-2 […]


SOUPS & SALADS Soups 1 Lobster Ginger Miso Soup 2 Sweet Shrimp Ginger Miso Soup (Ama Ebi) 3 Soft Shell Crab Ginger Miso Soup 4 Scallop Ginger Miso Soup 5 Miso Soup 6 Fish Soup 7 Oden (Fish Cake) Soy Sauce Soup 8 Sea Green Mussel Soy Sauce Soup 9 Tofu Soy Sauce Soup (Vegetable) […]


LUNCH MENU Sushi combination served with soup and salad* Sashimi combination served with soup, salad Roll Combo Lunch: 3 Item Combo (served with soup and salad). Choose From the following. Must pick different items: 1 California Roll (Cooked) 2* Spicy Tuna Roll (Raw) 3 Buford Dr. Roll (Crunch) 4* Tuna Roll (Raw) 5* Salmon Roll […]


SUSHI / SASHIMI A LA CARTE Raw Sushi* 1 Tuna (Maguro) 2 Escolar (Sokomutsu) 3 Alba Core Tuna (Bin Chou) 4 Salmon (Sake) 5 Yellow tail (Hamachi) 6 Tilapia (Dai) 7 Mackerel (Saba) 8 Scallop (Kaibashira) 9 Calamari (Ika) 10 Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) Cooked Sushi 11 Smoked Salmon(Sake Kuusei) 12 Shrimp (Ebi) 13 Octopus […]


ROLLS New Roll – Sweet Island Delight Roll* – Elliott Summer Roll* – Buddy Prince Roll* – Tomato Pesto Roll* – Portabello Chicken Basil Roll* – Baked Spicy Kimchi(Napa) Salmon Roll* Rolls 1 Big “O” Roll 2* Georgia Roll 3 Buford Dr. Roll 4* Fiesta Roll 5* Mall of Georgia Roll 6* American Dream Roll […]


KIDS MENU 2 Item Combo 3 Item Combo 1 Deep-Fried Breaded Rice 2 Deep-Fried Breaded Crab Meat 3 Deep-Fried Breaded Chicken 4 Deep-Fried Breaded Salmon 5 Fresh Rice 6 Fresh Rice wrapped with Seaweed paper 7 Japanese Sprite (Ramune)


VEGGIE MENU Appetizers & Salads 1 Edamame (Boiled Soybeans) 2 House Salad 3 Cucumber Salad 4 Seaweed Salad 5 Tofu Salad 5 Vegetable Tempura (6pc) Rolls 1 Vegetable Roll (8pcs) 2 Cucumber Roll (6pcs) 3 Avocado Roll (6pcs) 4 Kampyo Roll (Japanese Squash) (6pcs) 5 Takuwan Roll (Picked Radish) (6pcs) 6 Asparagus Roll (6pcs) 7 […]


APPETIZERS 1 Popcorn Lobster Tempura 2 Edamame 3 Tuna Tar Tare 4 Calamari Tempura 5* Salmon or Tuna Carpaccio (Scallion Ginger Sauce) 6 Popcorn scallop Tempura 7* Tuna Tataki Fondu (7pcs) 8* Tako Fondue (7pcs) 9* Alba Core Tuna Fondue (7pcs) 10 Soft Shell Crab Tempura 11 Shrimp & vegetable Tempura (Shrimp 2pcs, vegetable 4pcs.) […]